Dr. Master profiled in CommonWealth Magazine’s “Healing Health Care”

January 16, 2014 § 1 Comment

Bob Master

Photo credit: Michael Manning

In the just-released Winter issue of CommonWealth magazine, reporter Michael Jonas profiled our Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robert Master, calling him an innovator in healthcare. Mr. Jonas spent a lot of time with our team getting to know Commonwealth Care Alliance, and his “Healing Health Care” article did a wonderful job portraying our story, along with the great work of our colleagues at Iora Health under the leadership of Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle.

CommonWealth magazine reporter Michael Jonas writes:

“The two Boston physicians (Bob Master of Commonwealth Care Alliance and Rushika Fernandopulle of Iora Health) are trying to remake health care from the ground up. They have each developed innovative primary care practices that try to deliver good care not by battling through nonsensical reimbursement rules and all the maddening limitations of our current system, but by clearing those obstacles out of the way and making patients and their needs the central focus of the organization and delivery of health care.

Master has been able to cut in half the days elderly patients with multiple health problems spend in the hospital. That might be because he sends nurses on house calls to check on patients, or provides home aides who make sure they are taking medicines on schedule. Or it might even be because he will use health care dollars to get patients a ride to church each week. With social isolation among the elderly a common trigger for depression, which can often start a downward spiral of serious health problems, a $10 transportation charge might be the most powerful — and cost-effective — preventive medicine available…

The two doctors have zeroed in on something that is counterintuitive in the era of MRI imaging, laser-guided surgery, and pharmaceutical answers to every woe: The thing most needed in US health care is not more treatments or more money, but greater connection between patients and health care providers. That can improve our system’s success at keeping people from needing all those high-cost treatments, which are regarded as shining successes of modern medicine but just as often represent its failure.”

Click here to read the full article about Dr. Master’s and Dr. Fernandopulle’s innovative work.


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