Celebrating 100 years well lived

July 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Last Friday, July 25th, Commonwealth Care Alliance staff and nearly 40 members of our Senior Care Options (SCO) program celebrated the 100th birthday of Barbara Nascimento.

Barbara celebrated in style, catching everyone’s attention with her large-brimmed silver hat with a silver bow and a string of white pearls that hung over her vibrant teal dress. Family members flew to the United States to share this significant milestone and congratulate Barbara on her years well lived.

In a heartwarming moment at the celebration, another SCO member presented Barbara with a wrapped birthday gift and a hug. Barbara’s family snapped photos and cried tears of joy as the crowd sang ”Happy Birthday” in her native Cape Verdean Creole and when Commonwealth Care Alliance’s CEO, Robert Master presented Barbara with a citation from the Massachusetts State Senate acknowledging her milestone birthday. Everyone enjoyed music, turnovers from a local Cape Verdean bakery, and slices from Barbara’s enormous birthday cake.

Senior Care Options member Barbara Nascimento and family

Family members joined Barbara Nascimento to celebrate her 100th birthday at a celebration organized by Commonwealth Care Alliance.

Thanks to family support and the care from Commonwealth Care Alliance and Upham’s Corner Health Center, Barbara has been able to stay healthy as she ages. She has been a SCO member since 2006, and in that time, has never been hospitalized. Over those eight years, Barbara and her family have built strong and lasting relationships with Commonwealth Care Alliance and her physicians and nurses.

Commonwealth Care Alliance is proud to recognize Barbara and her family for their commitment to maintaining good health and passion for life.

Commonwealth Care Alliance in the community
Barbara’s birthday celebration was held at Upham’s Corner Health Center in Dorchester, MA, at the conclusion of a Commonwealth Care Alliance consumer meeting.  Because member involvement is a crucial element of Commonwealth Care Alliance’s organizational identity and model of care, our Health Education and Caregiver Training (HECT) department holds regular meetings with our members, their families, and caregivers. These meeting are great opportunities for members to meet one another and share their experiences, and they help Commonwealth Care Alliance find out what members and their care teams think about our programs and the care they receive.

Learn more about Commonwealth Care Alliance local consumer meetings.



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