Three things you should know this week

August 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week:

Caring for seniors behind bars
Bringing healthcare to prison populations is complicated – see our Dually Noted post from August 7 – but the problem is especially concerning for incarcerated seniors. Some 246,000 inmates are 50 or older, according to the National Institute of Corrections, and the U.S. currently spends more than $16 billion annually on their care.

New data on duals demonstrations
The Kaiser Family Foundation is out with interesting data on the new financial alignment demonstrations for dual eligibles.  According to Kaiser, delaying enrollment start dates has given participating states the time they needed to “develop and implement the many policies and procedures needed to facilitate enrollment and deliver services through managed care arrangements.” In addition, Kaiser reports that the demonstrations have shown the potential to better integrate and coordinate long-terms services and supports (LTSS) and behavioral health care with physical health care – something we care a lot about at Commonwealth Care Alliance.

For a local perspective, see our recent post on One Care enrollment in Massachusetts.

More on our recent loan from V-Cap
In an interview, Vital Healthcare Capital (V-Cap) CEO Steven Weingarten discusses his company’s recent loan to Commonwealth Care Alliance and the challenges of bringing “excellent care models for hard to serve populations.”

For more background, see our Dually Noted post from July and watch the recent “Google+ Hangout” featuring Weingarten and our CEO Bob Master.


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