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October 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week

A call to support our caregivers
A 2011 AARP report stated that there are 61.6 million family caregivers in the US, providing some $450 billion in unpaid care. To help, the Caregiver Action Network was founded in 1991. In a recent essay in Health Affairs, one of the group’s founders chronicles her challenges as a caregiver and calls for increased support for this vital workforce.

Record fines for hospital readmissions
According to numbers released this week, the CMS Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program is fining 2,160 hospitals – a record number – for readmitting too many patients within 30 days. Overall readmission rates are declining nationwide, but average fine amounts for penalized hospitals are higher. The program is now in its third year.

Boston Globe urges better end-of-life policies
Dually Noted recently commented on the Institute of Medicine’s Dying in America report, and, this week, the Boston Globe used that report to call for changes to end-of-life policies. The Globe lauded the report’s “recommendations for improving end-of-life care and honoring individual preference for those who wish to avoid full-scale hospitalization to extend their lives,” but cautioned that change would involve “uprooting the entire payment model of much of the health care system.”


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