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October 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week

The high cost of caregiving
A RAND Corp. study finds that, every year, caregivers in America spend an estimated 30 billion hours caring for older relatives and friends. That translates into $522 billion in caregiving costs. The study’s author says the findings “help put the enormity of this largely silent and unseen workforce into perspective.”

One way to address the high cost of caregiving is to encourage parents to consider long-term care.  Researchers from Durham VA Medical Center and Duke University found that serious conversations between seniors and their adult children can encourage long-term planning.

Opioid abuse in MA
A recent report from the Massachusetts Health Council stated that opioid deaths rose 10% in 2012, and the number of adult heroin users jumped from 4,763 people to 47,762. Back in September, Dually Noted discussed the rise in opioid use and abuse and explained our SCOPE of Pain training for physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals.

The next free SCOPE of Pain seminar will be held next Thursday, November 6, in Springfield. To reserve a space at that session, contact Melissa Rusin TODAY (October, 31) at mrusin@commonwealthcare.org.

Homelessness, housing, and healthcare
The Atlantic examines the “housing first” movement, which holds that adequate housing can cut costs and reduce health issues for the homeless. The story states that “Homelessness exacerbates all kinds of diseases, including diabetes. Those without homes are three to six times more likely to get ill than housed people. Homelessness also makes it more difficult for people with mental health and substance abuse issues to get treatment.”

Dually Noted has been following stories on the relationship between housing and healthcare:  in August, we linked to reports on New York’s efforts to address health costs by securing housing for vulnerable populations; last week, we talked about how Commonwealth Care Alliance’s health outreach workers help members take care of housing issues and other immediate, non-medical needs.



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