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February 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week

Gov. Baker backs off proposal to raise disability eligibility
This week, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said that his administration would not pursue efforts to raise eligibility standards for people with disabilities to qualify for some MassHealth programs. Previously, Baker sought “unilateral authority to restructure MassHealth benefits to the extent allowed by federal law” as part of a plan to reduce MassHealth spending. However, the state legislature said it would not include such language in a budget bill. Still, Baker is calling for a review of the MassHealth program.

A growing shortage of mental health providers
Federal law now requires insurers to provide mental health coverage, but many Americans can’t get treatment because of a growing a shortage of mental health providers. The Health Resources and Services Administration reports that some 96.5 million Americans live where there is an inadequate number of mental-health providers – up from around 91 million in 2012. Some explanations for the shortage include low pay, high turnover rates, and the “long pipeline” for training psychiatrists.

Disabled elderly face challenges after ICU stay
A new study examined how seniors with minimal to severe disability fared after their release from the intensive care unit (ICU). Looking at some 300 people age 70 and older over a 13-year period, the study found that “roughly 25%of the participants died in the ICU or within 30 days of discharge, and another 25% experienced functional decline after their hospitalization.”


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