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March 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week

Proposed changes to mental health delivery a “win-win”
In a Boston Globe editorial, members of the Mental Health Study/Advocacy Group call for changes that  “would make the access to services and provision of mental health services far easier” at no additional cost. The group recommends changes to prior authorization procedures, offering care to patients by “any willing provider,” cost-sharing to encourage providers to take patients, and a simplified process to resolve consumer and provider complaints.

Increased funds for MassHealth audits?
At the same time Governor Charlie Baker seeks to identify ineligible MassHealth recipients, State Auditor Suzanne Bump will ask for $300,000 on top of the Medicaid Audit Unit’s current $864,000 budget to audit the program. Bumps says MassHealth audits are money-makers for the state: “During the previous 12 months, for every dollar my office has spent auditing MassHealth, we have identified $52 in potential savings and recoupment opportunities.”

Falls pose serious problems for seniors
Dr. Laurence Z. Rubenstein of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine reports that about 40% of individuals over age 65 fall at least once a year, and members of this group make up 75% of all deaths caused by falls. Factors contributing to senior falls include osteoporosis, physiological problems, sensory losses, side effects of medication, loss of muscle tone and strength, and environmental hazards.


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