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July 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week

As population gets older, so do caregivers
People are living longer, and that means that more and more older Americans find themselves in the role of caregiver. A new report from National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP Public Policy Institute finds that more than 3 million people over age 75 are caring for loved ones. On average, these caregivers spend 34 hours a week helping with activities of daily living along with handling some medical and nursing tasks.

Heroin use increasing across all demographic groups

The heroin addiction crisis is affecting individuals across all demographic groups, according to a new study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, which looked at data from 2002 to 2013. Although “(t)hose most likely to turn to heroin still tend to be men, people with an annual household income less than $20,000, Medicaid recipients, and the uninsured,” the report found that “(h)eroin use doubled among women and more than doubled among non-Hispanic whites. It increased dramatically among people with incomes above $50,000 and with private health insurance.”

A system for dementia treatment
Research funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation seeks to develop an “ecosystem” for treating dementia. To create the system, researchers assign study participants a “navigator” for coordinating care, and some participants are given activity trackers and sensors to monitor their movements. The study, which involves 2,100 individuals with dementia, is looking for ways to cut costs, deliver better treatment, and ease the burden on caregivers.


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