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November 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week

CMS vows to act quickly on duals underpayments
Following last month’s announcement that it had been underpaying duals plans, CMS announced that it wants to quickly develop a strategy to increase pay to plans participating in duals demonstrations projects. According to a notice from CMS, pay increases “won’t take place until after Jan. 1,” but “the agency plans to retroactively enhance payments back to the beginning of 2016.”

Medicare announces payment change for hip and knee replacements
To improve quality and control costs, Medicare announced a new payment approach for hip and knee replacement procedures. Under the new approach, set to take effect next April, hospitals in 67 metropolitan areas will be “financially liable” for the results of hip and knee replacements but also be eligible for “additional financial rewards by meeting certain targets for quality and overall costs.”

MA detox centers can’t keep up
A recent study reported that there are “just under 60 post-detox centers and recovery homes in the Commonwealth that offer options for those who wish to continue treatment beyond detox,” but these centers “are operating at a 97 percent capacity at any given time.” If a person facing an addiction problem cannot get in to a detox center, “it is highly unlikely he or she will be able to secure sober housing following detox. For some addicts, lack of post-detox stabilization care can be fatal.”


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