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January 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week

Politicians find common cause on opioid crisis
A post on the Community Catalyst blog finds that politicians who disagree on most matters have similar views on the opioid addiction crisis. The blog points out that presidential hopefuls Hilary Clinton, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Carly Fiorina have all advocated prevention, treatment, and recovery supports. Moreover, the blog post praised the candidates for not treating addiction as a moral failing, for recommending early intervention, and for proposing treatment rather than incarceration.

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts House of Representatives has passed a comprehensive bill to address the state’s opioid addiction problem. Including limits on prescriptions for first-time patients and minors and requirements for mental health evaluations, the bill will now be reviewed by a House-Senate team.

New programs reduce senior falls
Seniors are at great risk for falling – particularly in wintertime – but new risk reduction programs are helping seniors avoid dangerous falls. Some hospitals offer balance and strength classes for seniors, and others help seniors make their homes safer. In addition, some experts are encouraging seniors to get up and move, because fear of falling can cause some to “cut back on physical activity and eventually grow weaker.”

“Virtual” dementia
By taking the “Mobile Virtual Dementia Tour,” individuals can understand what it feels like to have dementia. Those who take the tour have insoles in their shoes to represent peripheral neuropathy, wear gloves that take away their sense of touch, and have their sight impaired to simulate macular degeneration and presbyobia. Based in the UK, the “tour” is conducted at hospital trusts as a way to raise awareness and understanding of dementia.


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