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March 18, 2016 § Leave a comment

Articles, commentary, research, and more from the past week

Sudders on the new opioid bill
In an interview, Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary Mary Lou Sudders discusses the recently passed law designed to take on the state’s opioid addiction crisis. Sudders says the law gives the state “good tools” to address the problem, but cautions that it will take time “to really wrap our arms around this deadly disease.”

The high cost of long-term care
According to reports, some 12 million American seniors need long-term services and support and roughly 70 percent of seniors will need intense care at some point. Given these numbers, the cost of care has grown, and, at the state and federal level, efforts have been made to cut long-term care costs. Proposals include making long-term care insurance more available and affordable and creating limited-benefit insurance products.

Alzheimer’s breakthrough at MIT
Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers may have found a way to restore memory in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Tests on healthy and memory-impaired mice indicated that seemingly lost events can be brought back when memory cells in the brain are stimulated. Although the study is in its earliest stage, a Harvard neurology professor says it has “shattered a 20-year paradigm of how we’re thinking about the disease.”


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